Flex-Hone® Videos

As one of the leading brush manufacturers in the world, Brush Research Manufacturing offers quality innovative brush tools for a multitude of applications.

Best known for our Flex-Hone® Tool, we provide the honing tools and brushes for deburring and surface finishing. Learn more about our company and our flex hone tools by viewing the videos below. If you're interested in ordering a flex hone for your application, contact us today.
Flex-Hone® - In Machine Setup
for Surface Finishing and Deburring

How To Automate Deburring &
Finishing- Nampower Abrasive Disc Brushes

Brush Research and the Flex-Hone® Tool
How to Use a Flex-Hone®
Flex-Hone for Firearms:
Polish and Finish Barrels, Chambers & Cylinders

Engine Hone:
Flex-Hone Featured On MotorzTV

Original Flex-Hone® Tool
Flex-Hone® Rotor and Brake Drum Tool